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“Stand Up Hillsdale” Fundraising Campaign For Neighborhood House


Our Stand Up Hillsdale campaign was a tremendous success!! Thanks to your generosity, we raised a total of $33,684.00 for Neighborhood House during the 30-day campaign. We connected with over 3500 Hillsdale households and are thrilled at how many Hillsdale neighbors stepped up to help.  


David Hawkins, board member and organizer of the campaign says, “We know the donations will go a long way towards helping Neighborhood House purchase food for those facing food insecurity, cover transportation costs for seniors needing rides to medical appointments and helping family’s experiencing housing uncertainty transition from temporary shelters to permanent housing. Unfortunately, while our campaign has ended, there is still a lot of need out there.  We encourage everyone to do what they can to watch out for each other during these unprecedented times and continue to support the work that organizations like Neighborhood House do.  It can mean so much to people in need right now.”  


Thank you, thank you, Hillsdale neighbors!

"Hillsdale News"

Founded by Rick Seifert in 2007, the "Hillsdale News" covered hyper-local news and larger issues affecting our community for eight years. Now the News is back to continue the work of informing and connecting Hillsdale residents and neighbors. Thank you to Valeurie Friedman for reviving this important source of news of our community. Valeurie will be keeping a list of local businesses that are open at some capacity during the COVID closures. Read The Hillsdale News and subscribe here:

Easter Bunny Storytelling Event

Thank you to board member Lara Jones, for recruiting the Easter Bunny to join her for a live event offered in lieu of our Annual Easter Egg Hunt: You can still view it here: Easter Bunny Storytelling.

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