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Join the Hillsdale Community Foundation!


The Hillsdale Community Foundation needs new board members. We are a group of volunteers dedicated to building strong community in Hillsdale by organizing and promoting events that bring people together. We have brought you the annual Book Sale. We’ve partnered with Hillsdale Food Park and built the Josh Kadish Community Stage to provide you with free live music. For your kids, we have had an annual Easter Egg Hunt. When this pandemic is over and it is safe to do so we want to bring all this back and more. We welcome your energy to help make this happen and we welcome your fresh ideas for new events that will make Hillsdale even friendlier.


Though the pandemic has kept us from our main mission, we have not been idle. We shifted our efforts to supporting campaigns to help alleviate the economic struggles our neighbors are enduring because of the pandemic. Our recent “Stand Up Hillsdale” campaign raised over $30,000 for Neighborhood House. We are serving as fiscal sponsor for the community programs at the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market. We gather volunteers to pick up litter and tend plantings in the town center. We want Hillsdale to weather this pandemic with all our people and institutions intact and welcoming. We can use your ideas and compassion. Together we create an accessible, inclusive and beautiful community for everyone.


Anyone interested in building community in Hillsdale is welcome to apply to be on our board. We strive to have our board reflect all aspects of our community because we understand the richness and depth diversity brings to our community. We value ideas from adults of all ages and socioeconomic groups, from the BIMPOC and LGBTQ communities, from people whose focus is on children, and from people of different religious beliefs. If you are part of any underrepresented community we would particularly welcome you. Join us with your ideas and passion for Hillsdale. We look forward to working alongside you to bring those ideas to life.


Join Us! Let us know you are interested by emailing us at:

New Community Opportunities to Tap Into Solar Energy


Save by going solar! You can cut both your electric bill and your carbon footprint. You no longer need a sunny roof, and a big pot of cash to invest in panels on that roof, to have solar-powered electricity. The Hillsdale Community Foundation wants to help Hillsdale residents (both owners and renters), non-profits, and businesses to tap into and invest in community solar.

The Foundation’s first event was a free webinar on Dec 1 with Oregon Shines, which helps electric customers connect to Oregon’s Community Solar Program. We’ll be arranging more solar events, and hope to offer a co-op solar installation. A co-op offers opportunities to both buy solar power from and invest in a solar installation serving the local community. Oregon Clean Power Co-op ( develops projects by working with local owners of sizable roofs (such as churches, schools, and large stores). If a project will supply more power than the roof’s owner needs, households and businesses can subscribe for the excess power. Since the co-op may have to borrow to build the project, people can lend money (a minimum investment is $1000), and get paid back with interest over five to a dozen years. We’re working on setting up a webinar with them, so watch this space.

The "Usual Suspects"

First Saturday Litter Patrol & Gardening Work Party


Saturday, February 6


Meet outside Basics Market.

Please wear a mask!

Bring gloves, clippers or shears, and a rake or broom.

Write with questions.

“Stand Up Hillsdale” Fundraising Campaign For Neighborhood House

Our Stand Up Hillsdale campaign was a tremendous success!! Thanks to your generosity, we raised a total of $33,684.00 for Neighborhood House during the 30-day campaign. We connected with over 3500 Hillsdale households and are thrilled at how many Hillsdale neighbors stepped up to help.  

David Hawkins, board member and organizer of the campaign says, “We know the donations will go a long way towards helping Neighborhood House purchase food for those facing food insecurity, cover transportation costs for seniors needing rides to medical appointments and helping family’s experiencing housing uncertainty transition from temporary shelters to permanent housing. Unfortunately, while our campaign has ended, there is still a lot of need out there.  We encourage everyone to do what they can to watch out for each other during these unprecedented times and continue to support the work that organizations like Neighborhood House do.  It can mean so much to people in need right now.”  


Thank you, thank you, Hillsdale neighbors!

Hillsdale News

Founded by Rick Seifert in 2007, the Hillsdale News covered hyper-local news and larger issues affecting our community for eight years. Now the News is back to continue the work of informing and connecting Hillsdale residents and neighbors. Thank you to Valeurie Friedman for reviving this important source of news of our community. Valeurie will be keeping a list of local businesses that are open at some capacity during the COVID closures. Read The Hillsdale News and subscribe here:

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