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Projects & Events

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Foundation-supported projects have included:

  • Josh Kadish Community Stage Dedication and Concerts

  • Hillsdale Easter Egg Hunt

  • Installation of several bike racks in the Town Center

  • The creation of a plaza between Food Front and Baker & Spice

  • A grant for computers at Wilson High School

  • The installation and maintenance of plantings along Capitol Highway in the commercial area

  • Support of the Hillsdale Main Street program

  • Stand-Up Hillsdale 2019 Covid-19 fundraising for Neighborhood House

  • Improvements to commercial-area parking and pedestrian safety

  • The installation and maintenance of signage and banners and murals

  • An incentive-matching contribution to the Hopewell House Hospice for improving patient support

  • Partial funding for a new playground at Rieke Elementary School

  • A new "Welcome to Hillsdale" sign

  • Money for landscaping and vegetation along the 25th Avenue “Safe Routes to School” project

  • "Speak Up for Schools" session for SUN Schools

  • Donations to Community Partners for Affordable Housing in appreciation of its donation of Watershed facilities for the annual book sale

  • Annual Hillsdale Book Sale

  • "The Usual Suspects" 1st Saturday of the Month Litter Pick-up

After a successful 2019 summer of music on the Josh Kadish Community Stage we look forward to future seasonal performances. If you have ideas or would like to help plan these events for 2021, please contact us so that we can notify you of upcoming planning meetings.


Other future dreams include a solar program for Hillsdale residents to be able to invest in and reap the benefits of solar power as a cooperative. We welcome other ideas from the community.

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