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What is HAT?

The Hillsdale Assistance Team (HAT)
is a group of local volunteers working to help those suffering from
homelessness and problems associated with it.

In early 2021, HAT formed to provide basic sanitary needs to an encampment of young people living under the Bertha Viaduct. When the encampment fell victim to drug use and petty crime, the City closed it. At that point, HAT joined with other local groups working to provide housing and support for the homeless in the larger area.

Our work now consists of ...
• Contributing money for food and clothing vouchers to homeless children in our local public schools.
• Providing small emergency grants through volunteers.
• Tabling at the Hillsdale Farmers' Market to inform patrons about tiny house villages and homelessness in general.
• Supporting SW Outreach’s help for campers along Barbur Boulevard.
• Lobbying for more tiny house sites and in the process learning about government involvement and barriers.
• Supporting the work of Friends of Multnomah Safe Rest Village and other groups.
• Working with SW Faith Coalition, supporting its public forums on homelessness.

What you can do



Volunteer and join our Zoom meetings: 2nd Tuesday, 7 p.m.
Meeting ID: 895 8793 7438
Passcode: 457499

Donate through the Hillsdale
Community Foundation

Contact Rick Seifert,

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